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There is a way to make food healthy and tasty.
and that is to blend the right things to make what tastes better.

The food cooked in your kitchen feeds your family, your guests or your customers. You will never want the essence of the taste to be compromised or the quality of the food you cook. That is why we bring you the foundation of health with our Villina range of oils.

Vilina Story

The word “Vilina” has a deep connotation to it. Buried in the ancient scriptures, Vilina means the “one who is dedicated”. We wanted our commitment towards getting you the best quality cooking oil, show through the name of the oil we were bringing you. Hence the name “Vilina”.

As the manufacturers of Samrat Atta, Besan & maida , we have always dedicatedly worked to get to you the best quality flour. With time, we looked forward to taking the next step, by diversifying into other food products. Our aim was to become more involved in your everyday daily life. What we found was the obvious: Cooking oil. It was in 2015. We went ahead with our research in this domain, to bring you the best quality oil, with its good health value intact. Our approach was a combination of what was genuinely good for you and the demand of the market, in terms of acceptance.

It was our goal to offer you a choice, of quality cooking oils . Keeping in mind that Indian cooking uses a lot of oil, especially while making deep fried delicacies and cuisines, the objective was to offer a healthy range of oils. With Vilina, we found the answer to our dilemma. To our delight, it also turned out to be an oil that will help you regulate your cholesterol levels.

India has deep roots when it comes to traditional cooking. The generation next however, is diet and health conscious. These were two existing contrasted schools of thought and Vilina had the responsibility of appeasing both. Fortunately, Vilina was able to please both the camps. It was, to a large extend, made possible due to the research and effort, put into the product beforehand, towards balancing taste and health, without compromising on quality.

Within our Vilina range, we offer you Vilina Soyabean oil, Vilina Sunflower seeds oil and Vilina Rice bran oil. Each of these oils have been processed at our refineries which have adopted CTi’s Nano Neutralization technology. Developed exclusively for the oils and fats industry by Desmet Bellestra, a Brussels based leader in engineering products, CTi Nanotechnology helps our refineries to yield more oil. We are hence always ready for to meet our consumers demands.

Each oil in the Vilina range has its own unique personality and health benefits. What remains constant is our quality, which is why, your food will never be compromised on, in taste.

Vilina’s World Class Quality

Our Sunflower Seeds oil contain Omega 6, Vitamin A and D. Essential for good health, Sunflower Seeds oil is also considered to be one of the healthiest oil choices. This oil also has a very high smoking point due to which it does not get burnt easily.

Vilina Soyabean oil, on the other hand has an ample amount of Vitamin A. D and E, while being loaded with antioxidants. This makes our Soya bean oil not only nutritious but also an aids in keeping your system clean.

Vilina also offers rice Bran oil, which is a preferred medium of cooking for the most health conscious generation. Rice Bran oil is high in fiber which makes it gut friendly. It also reduces cholesterol in the body and therefore helps in avoiding heart related ailments. Bran oil also regulates saturated fats, helps in reducing inflammation, boosts immunity and improves metabolism.