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Making an occasion special for your family is sometimes about recreating the magic of old times. With Diwali around the corner, it is time to try and recreate some of those magical moments for the next generation to remember by. Today’s generation is growing up in nuclear families and on instant messaging. Everything is answered for them by search engines. However, what if this Diwali, grandparents and parents or any elders in the house replace the internet. Let them be the one to take them the young generation through the story of why is Diwali celebrated with such grandeur and what is the importance of Lakshmi Puja. Making memories is one of the ways to make Diwali special.

Food, especially the savoury sweets ones, are one of the most awaited highlights of Diwali. Along with gifts, people exchange special Diwali sweets too. The backdrop of making the sweets is what makes homemade sweets all the more special. In the older days, a family would bond over the sweet making time. From procuring the ingredients to deciding on the perfect sunflower oil and ghee, from getting the dry materials washed, dried, roasted and grounded, the whole family would be responsible for making Diwali celebrations a success. While in the process, family members would unknowingly make memories to last a lifetime. Though the essence of Diwali is not lost even today, families are.

If we can relive those moments back again with our families, it would be the best Diwali gift ever! So this year, take some time out and gather your family into the kitchen. Scrap the coconuts with your children and roast the besan in the wok, as you tell the younger generation the stories which you heard about Diwali as a child. Hand them down a piece of our culture.

Shopping is another Diwali fare that used to be a day for the family outing in the earlier days. However, with the work-life balance tripping on the wrong side today, and the struggle for leaves at work, shopping is no longer a family outing any more. It is more of an individual activity, slotted into a busy schedule. Change the equation this Diwali. Shop as a family. Take time out to scout for places you visited as a child. Make a trip back there with your family and make it a special trip for your loved ones.

Diwali is a tradition. The essence of goodwill as it pervades through every life leaves imprints of memories made. These are a lifetime’s collection of memories, to be revived and recreated each year.

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