Our Recipes

The waft of aroma from the kitchen, in the mornings, wakes us up to a new day. Lunches are made memorable, and dinners with our loved ones, are forever etched as the best way to end the day, with soulful food. With a healthy oil making these recipes, this succulent and sumptuous, while keeping a tab on our health, is what a world of good food is all about

Jalebi With Raspberry Rabri

Pashtooni Zarda Pulao

Shakkar Para Tokri

Schezwan Paneer Stuffed Oats Tikki

Paneer Kathi Rolls

Kolkata Pani Puri

Pindi Chole Cheese Nachos

Beetroot Chilla

Peas Kachori (Radhaballavi) Recipe

Ghugni Chaat In Bengali Aloo Chop Katori

Paneer Tikka Spaghetti

Veg Burger With Paneer Buns

Upvas Kachori Recipe

Green Moong Chilla

Misal Pav Recipe

Fried Upma Sticks

Cheese Noodle Pakoda

Sabudana Cheese Vada

Malpua With Kulfi

Fried Rajma Cheese Kebab