What’s Your Pick?

Do you compromise on your children’s needs?

Do you ignore your exercise schedule and risk health?

Do you avoid health insurance while planning yearly finance?

If the answer is NO, then why do you settle on cooking oil?

By not settling on cooking oil, you automatically add value to your future plans. Vilina Refined Oil brings to you three oil variants refined with purity and quality. Now by choosing the best suitable variant for your family, you choose the best health and taste for your family.  

Vilina Refined Sunflowerseed oil

VILINA REFINED SUNFLOWERSEED OIL makes your poori, pakode, papad and other delicacies very healthy, light, crispy and tasty. Sunflowerseed oil is full of vital nutrients.

Vilina Refined Soyabean oil

Want a strong heart, healthy skin and sturdy bones? VILINA REFINED SOYABEAN OIL fulfills your wish by its rich in protein quality.

Vilina Refined Ricebran oil

In this cutting edge competition, people are getting affected with lifestyle diseases at an early age. VILINA REFINED RICEBRAN OIL controls the cholesterol.