A Detailed Information of Soyabean Cultivation

Soyabean is the most important and popular legume in the world. In India, the commercial understanding of soyabean started around four decades ago. Soyabean (Glycine max) also known as soybean belongs to leguminous plants native to East Asia. Even though...

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Why You Should Avoid Food Cooked in Reused Oil?

Oil is an essential commodity for everyday cooking. Right from deep frying food items to adding tadka to vegetable, cooking oils play a vital role in the Indian diet. Many people have the habit of saving the oil left after deep frying food items. But have...

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10 Simple Cooking Activities Every Cook Needs to Master

What is food? Well, technically it is the combination of various ingredients mixed and cooked proportionately. The word ‘Mixed’ & ‘Proportion’ are the key terms here. The wisdom of knowing the exact amount of ingredients and the time it should be cooked is...

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8 Reasons Why Rice Bran Oil is Important in Your Diet

Oils are an important ingredient in our daily food consumption. Especially, in the Indian states, oils form an essential commodity while preparing many food items. Cooking oils can affect various health aspects like maintaining cholesterol level, skin...

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