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10 Common Mistakes That May Ruin Your Best Recipes

Cooking is an art. The thought that goes into the making of a recipe, is an amalgamation of the cook's experience and creativity. A lot of time, care and work are put into the making of a dish. However, at times, a minor error too can spoil the entire recipe. Here are...

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Benefits and Bright Side of Soya Bean Oil

Soya beans are classified as a vegan food. The interesting fact about soybean is its versatility. It can pass as a vegetable or a dessert when made into a sweet dish or can be used for extracting oil as well. For processing the oil, the cobs of the soya beans are...

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10 Amazing Benefits of Sunflower Seed Oil

Sunflower or Surajmukhi is a flower with many benefits. One of the best usages of this flower, other than in decorations , is perhaps as an edible oil, extracted out of either the seeds or the whole Sunflower. Packed with Linoleic acid, Sunflower oil also...

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