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About Us

The range of Vilina oils, that reach consumers is a promise of quality and taste. The oils start their journey halfway across the world and reach India from the fields of Ukraine or from the soils of Argentina. Vilina is a commitment and our oils stand by our vow.


Parakh Foods and Oils was established in the year 1976 with the purpose of adding products made with generation old techniques to give you the goodness right in your kitchen. When we started out, the traditional quality of cooking was still a prevalent part of most households in the country where tastes and textures of dishes were of utmost importance. As we grew into the business, the trend slowly started bending towards health which amalgamated with the aforementioned qualities.

Keeping in mind, your needs, we have evolved our brand with products that had a personal touch. Hailing from Madhya Pradesh and growing in Maharashtra, our Atta, Besan, Maida and other wheat products inherited the best of both. We wanted to give you products which seamlessly turned into anything your taste buds demanded. We also wanted to give you a quality that promised you nutrients you require and help you have the typical “home made” experience every time you had a morsel of Samrat Atta rotis or saw the Samrat Besan dhokla tingle your taste buds.

Good Health

After the establishment of Samrat Atta, Besan and Maida, we decided to go a step ahead to give you something that you require more frequently. Here is how our journey of Vilina Oils started in the year 2015.

Our scriptures have described the meaning of this word as Dedicated, something that reflects upon what we feel towards our consumers. We thought that why not make those Pooris a little lighter, take one more step towards regulating your cholesterol levels and dedicate ourselves to giving you a guilt free experience every time you use a drop of oil.

The association of oil with unhealthy fats and its irreplaceable nature in our cooking has often been a topic of debate between the older generations and the new health centric generations. Which is why, Vilina caters to the needs of both. With a promise of reduced Cholesterol levels for the newer generations, lighter on the stomach as well your heart and with an assurance of providing the same taste that used to be produced generations ago, we have tried to give you a product that each member of the family is happy consuming.

Our Complete Range

Our current range consists of two of the most popular choices- Sunflower and Soyabean oil- the healthiest oils to opt for when you are looking at making a lifestyle change. With the response and love we have received from you in the past, we take it as our duty to give you a product with no false promises. We are the first ones to adapt Nano-technology in our refining processes, in a way refining each drop perfectly for you. We have also given a lot of attention to packaging because we know, that our oils are not going to be one timers in your pans or woks, but will stay in your kitchen for as long as our commitment to you stays strong!

Visit www.parakhgroup.in to know more about Parakh Group.

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