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VILINA REFINED RICEBRAN OIL regulates the saturated fat in the body,

reduces inflammation and improves metabolism.

Vilina Refined Ricebran Oil 1 LTR Pouch

Vilina Refined Ricebran Oil 5 LTR Jar

Vilina Refined Ricebran Oil 15 LTR Jar

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Vilina Refined Rice Bran Oil

Rice chaff or bran is known for its high nutritional value. To make it easily available to you, Vilina has extracted Rice bran oil which has mild flavor and high smoke point. 

Vilina Rice Bran oil has significantly lower density which drains off better in frying applications leaving food free of excess oil. Vilina Rice Bran oil is high in natural antioxidants such as Vitamin E and Oryzanol. Besides enhancing the taste of food, Vilina Rice Bran oil helps to regulate the saturated fat in our body, reduces inflammation and improves metabolism. Regular consumption helps improve immunity, reduce cholesterol and protect from heart diseases. Most importantly, it makes food delicious and less oily.


Manufacturer of Vilina are driven towards maintaining high quality products. Hence processed and packed with utmost care, Vilina Refined Ricebran Oil , reaches you with its essence of good health intact.

The goodness of health that Vilina Ricebran oil promises, stems from the presence of nutrients that the raw bran already has in it. Slightly nutty in flavor, rice bran oil is light in density. This makes Vilina’s Ricebran oil versatile in the kitchen.

One of the most appealing health benefits of this rice bran oil however is its ability to aid in accelerating weight loss. With high antioxidant level content, Vilina Rice bran oil assists in boosting metabolic rates too. Interestingly, the antioxidants also lend the oil a longer shelf life.

Nutrient enriched by nature, Ricebran oil is a rich source of Vitamin E, which makes it ideal for a healthy heart. The presence of Squalene compound in the oil also enhances its quintessence towards making the skin, problem free. The benefits of Vilina rice bran oil are multi faceted. May it be health or may it be for general well-being, Ricebran oil from Vilina, stands on its promise to deliver you uncompromising quality.






Note: Depending on variety of food items to be prepared and heat to which oil is subject to, there may be loss of vitamins. Free from Argemone Oil. Made from imported Sunflower Oil. Net Volume: 1l (910g) at 30 Degree


  • Perfect for frying
  • Light on health
  • Helps absorb cholesterol
  • Lowers blood sugar
  • Topical use of rice bran oil helps in lightening dark spots
  • Helps in preventing acne
  • Aids metabolism
  • Rich in Vitamin E


900 Kcal






100 g


Monounsaturated Fat 23 g
Polyunsaturated Fat 62 g
Cholesterol 0
Added Vitamin A 750  mcg*
Added Vitamin D 5 mcg*
Added Vitamin E 273 mcg*