10 must try snacks for Diwali

Snacking is habit almost of us have. Usual holidays are spent lazing around, on the couch, watching TV with a bowl of snacks for company. When it comes to holidays, especially for Diwali, it is a legit snacking time for everyone, anyway. In fact, for...

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The essence of celebrating festivals in India

Indian has more the 200 ethnic groups living here. Each with their individual and diverse culture and unique set of beliefs, there is a celebration around the corner, at regular intervals. This is what makes India diverse, culturally rich and an experience...

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Benefits and Bright side of soya bean oil

Soya beans are classified as a vegan food. The interesting fact about soybean is its versatility. It can pass as a vegetable or a dessert when made into a sweet dish or can be used for extracting oil as well. For processing the oil, the cobs of the soya...

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Is Rice Bran Oil Healthy? Benefits of Rice Bran Oil

Rice bran oil is extracted from the bran of the rice grain. Commonly called the husk, it is the brown outer covering that discarded during chaffing of rice, meant for consumption. The bran of rice is a storehouse of nutrients, including monounsaturated and...

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